Child and family development in Kiyonza

FH is running a programme in Kiyonza in Kirondo province, in the north east of Burundi. Through this, FH is helping support more than 450 families in the following areas: education, nutrition, health and agriculture.

The following activities make up the project:
  • Schooling for all the children in the community
  • Help with school materials
  • Support class for children with learning difficulties
  • Sports and cultural activities
  • Agricultural training
  • Access to health care. Children are treated free of charge, training is given in disease prevention to the whole family.
Kiyonza region, situated in the north of Burundi, is facing up to long periods of drought, which makes food security a serious problem. Harvests are often poor and food is scarce. These conditions have forced families to leave the area to work temporarily in neighbouring countries like Rwanda and Tanzania. To address these difficulties, FH supports families by training them in agricultural processes (planting sweet potatoes or cassava which are better able to withstand times of drought) and by providing them with animals (goats and cows). Families are also trained in implementing vegetable gardens. This means that they can eat vegetables every day without having to buy them at the market. The money saved can then be used for other purposes.

Families are regularly visited at home by FH staff. This individual follow-up means that difficulties can be identified and families are helped in finding solutions to them.

Project number: P120
Number of beneficiaries: 30 families
Support foreseen in 2014: CHF 18,000.-


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