FH Switzerland has obtained Zewo certification, a guarantee of quality for your donations!

In December 2020, FH Switzerland received its Zewo certification, but what exactly is it about?

"The Zewo foundation is a Swiss organisation that certifies charitable organisations that collect donations. Its aim is to ensure transparency in the donation market. It audits charitable organisations and checks that they use donations conscientiously. It awards a quality label to those that pass the audit. The ZEWO seal of approval certifies that donations are used in an appropriate, economical and efficient manner and identifies transparent and trustworthy organisations".
If an NPO wishes to obtain the ZEWO quality label, it must submit to an examination by the foundation, which verifies whether the organisation meets the 21 binding standards. The quality label is awarded to NPOs that have successfully passed this test. NPOs that have already been certified are regularly checked to ensure that the criteria are still being met.
NPOs with the Zewo quality label use donations efficiently, in accordance with their purpose and financial resources. They also demonstrate transparency in the information they provide. 21 Zewo standards define in detail the requirements they have to comply with. They include an ethical aspect and oblige NPOs to maintain good management, organisation and controls. Zewo's guidelines on key figures, including administrative costs, enable NPOs to work efficiently. The Zewo standards also guarantee maximum transparency. NPOs must report publicly on their activities in order to justify their costs and disclose their interests. The standards also provide a framework for responsible collaboration within the various networks. They ensure that donations are collected in a fair manner and that communication is carefully managed.
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